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Wakayama Prefecture is Japan’s leading region in the production of household utensils, boasting as one of Japan’s top three producers of urushi lacquerware. The essence of revolutionary products, created from the fusion of natural materials, craftsmanship, and modern technology, is gathered here from Wakayama, a legendary source of household utensils. Each item in this range of products diligently fulfills its function with a low-key presence, blending into our lives without ever showing off, and making those lives more refined before we know it.


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With green-woven mountains, clear rivers, the sun-sparkling blue-green expanse of the sea, and the fertile land that is fruitful all year round, nature in Wakayama is abundantly colorful and magnificent.

Household Goods

Wakayama is a major production hub for kitchen, bath, toilet and laundry items. There are more than 150 companies in the region, which is the highest concentration in Japan.


Kishu Lacquerware was nominated by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry as a traditional craft in 1978, and Wakayama is famous throughout Japan as one of the leading regions for its production.


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